Weekend Recap

This might just be the Monday-ist Monday ever. We had a nice long 5 day break over Thanksgiving break which may or may not have caused problems when it was time to wake up with an alarm this morning.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, how was yours? Ours was great and not super busy. We had lunch at my in-laws then dinner at my parents. It was pretty relaxing.


(the best picture we got Thanksgiving Day)

Did you go Black Friday shopping? My mom, grandma and I went Friday afternoon. Got a few good deals. I think we spend most of our money at Kirkland’s. Haha. That store just sucks me in every time. And every time I want to buy allllll the things.


Saturday we put up the Christmas tree and got everything ready for Santa. Our girls are pretty excited for Santa this year. The hubs and I went out for dinner Saturday evening also. We went to Chinese, alone, no kids, got to eat our dinner still hot. Ha Sometimes eating out with kids isn’t great.


Sunday we did a whole lot of nothing. Decorated the hubs classroom for Christmas then we just hung out at home and I made a delicious noddle casserole with leftover turkey from my moms Thanksgiving.

We had a great 5 days off but I’m more than ready to get back into a routine again. Today I’ll be working on laundry. Also, I’m going to be finalizing the girls Christmas list. And finalize what I’m getting the hubs.

Do you have all your gifts purchased?

I hope y’all have a great Monday and I hope it isn’t to Monday-ish for ya!

Thanksgiving Outfit

Hey y’all! I can’t believe its already Thursday. This week went by way to fast. And I can not believe next week is Thanksgiving! Do you guys have big plans for turkey day? We usually hit up my in-laws for lunch and my parents for dinner. I think that’s still the plan this year, even though my mom doesn’t have a kitchen right now to cook in. She completely gutted her kitchen and it redoing it. They think it’ll be done by Wednesday. If not I guess we’ll be ordering Chinese.



I love finding a new cute and easy outfits for the holiday. I typically wear a sweater with skinny jeans. Nothing fancy since we’re just headed to our parents. I definitely know not to wear something that’s to hot since I usually try and help in the kitchen.

This outfit is so comfy and lightweight. This sweater is just perfect for the day. Plus I love adding this vest to it. This vest is my absolutely favorite. I pair it with almost every outfit this time of year. I mean who doesn’t love a army green vest!

IMG_2275[1] (2)


I can’t wait to wear this next week.

Really, I just can’t wait till next week. 5 day weekend! Time with family, good delicious home-cooked meals, my favorite grandma’s cheesy broccoli rice casserole, this outfit, and black Friday shopping!

What are you plans for Thanksgiving? Are you a black Friday shopper?


Christmas Card Worthy

Oh my goodness friends! Its been a hot minute since I’ve blogged! Let’s catch up a little! I got really sick about a week and half ago. Like so sick I made the hubs take off work because I couldn’t function let alone take care of my girls. I had a really bad sore throat (strep, ugh!) plus a cold. I couldn’t eat and could barely breath out my nose. Y’all it was just awful.


We had family pictures scheduled the weekend I got sick and I refused to reschedule them. Chris tried to talk me into in a million times and looking back maybe I should have because that morning I felt like death but GUYS our pictures turned out so good!

We haven’t had family pictures in two years so I was pretty excited for them. One of my darling friends Corey from Corey Brown Photography in KC Missouri took them. She’s amazing guys! Go check her out if your looking for a photographer in the KC area.



I feel like you can’t even tell I was sick in these photos which I’m so excited about! I can not wait to print these and hang them all over our house. Now I just need to decide which one I love the most. Isn’t that always the hardest part! 😉

I hope you guys are having an amazing week! I’ll catch ya tomorrow with another fun fall outfit!


Friday Favorites #4

Wow, I say this every week but I can’t believe its Friday. With both girls in dance right now 2 different nights a week the weekdays are just flying by.

We don’t have a ton of plans this weekend, which I think we are all excited about. We haven’t had a free weekend since school started in August. Its much needed. I do have plans to work on some freezer meals for a friend and were hoping to potty train Syd Boo. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully she’s a lot easier on us than her big sister was!

Today’s Friday Favorites is all things Halloween. We did a tiny trunk or treat the other night and it was so fun! We are all pretty excited for Halloween to get here now.

Favorite Recipe: Mummy Dogs. Oh em gee! How cute are these. My girls will get a kick out of them. I’m thinking of making them Monday night for dinner. So cute and so easy!


Favorite Outdoor Decor: How cute is this front porch! We never really decorate big for Halloween but I would totally love to do something like this next year. Its simple and cute but still totally Halloween.


Favorite Couple Costume: Bugs and Lola. How stinking cute is this idea. I loved this movie growing up. The hubs and I don’t usually dress up but I think next year we will. Liv wanted us to this year but she didn’t say anything till yesterday so we decided next year we will. Keeping this idea around for 2018!


Favorite Halloween Treats: Halloween Pretzel Broom Sticks Like I said in this post I’m in charge of treat bags for Miss O’s Halloween party at school and I love the idea of not sending the kids home with just candy. I think these would be so cute and fun!


I hope everyone has a great weekend! And if your in Missouri I hope y’all stay warm.

Are you excited for Halloween?


Perfect Fall Sweater

There’s only a few items that I absolutely love to wear over and over again. Its hard for me to really fall in love with something that isn’t a tee and jeans or leggins. Let’s face it, working for my parents part time and being a stay at home mom, my style isn’t fancy. It’s easy, functional and easy to throw together.


enhance (2)

But this outfit is one of my favorites. I love dressing up for date nights (when we get the chance to have one) and this is one I love wearing. This sweater is amazing. It goes with just about everything plus I can wear it dressed up or dressed down. Its soft, warm and the perfect neutral color. Paired with these fun booties and this outfit came together so easily.


You will probably see my wearing this sweater all fall and winter long and I’m just fine with that! Really, y’all need to find this sweater or find one you love just as much. It’s so affordable too. I mean I love shopping but I really love finding a good deal on a nice item. So, if you see me out and about with this outfit or sweater on, well then you know I really love it!

Do you have a favorite sweater?



Kansas City Marathon 10k

Good morning friends! The weekend is already over, bummer. Did you have a busy weekend? Ours wasn’t to busy. Which was kind of nice for change. It seems like we have something planned every single weekend since school started.

Friday night we headed to Kansas City to stay with my aunt since I was running the 10k portion of the Kansas City Marathon. We didn’t want to have to wake the girls up at 4am to drop them off somewhere and still make it downtown by 6am. It was so nice to stay at my aunts. She lives about 20 minutes from downtown.


Saturday I was up bright at early to get ready for race day. I haven’t done a race in almost a year but I was looking forward to it. I was pretty nervous. But I did the best I could.

The course was pretty good. A few hills here and there. Overall, not to hilly. Running downtown Kansas City is always my favorite. I love it. Its so fun to just run and find new and interesting buildings and businesses I probably would of never known were there.


It was a VERY windy day. I didn’t think it would effect my running that much but boy was I wrong. My hat flew off a couple times. Lucky for me I was able to catch it.

Miles 1-3 were the hardest but I feel like the beginning is always the hardest. There were hills and so much wind in my face. Miles 4-6 were the easiest. I had found my rhythm. I was running steady, there wasn’t to many hills. I was focused and could feel the end approaching.


The last half mile was amazing. There are so many people standing on the side of the roads cheering you on. It was GREAT! This was my favorite part. Also, the last .2 was all down hill so that was a bonus.


I did the 5k portion of this race 4 years ago and I remember why I wanted to sign up again this year. It is such a great race. Its so organized, the course is pretty great, tons of drink stops. Great food and drinks after the race. My goal is to sign up for the half marathon next year.

This will probably be my one and only race this year. I don’t really like running when its super cold out. But I look forward to adding a few more races to my calendar in 2018!


Friday Favorites #3

Its Friday!!! Who is excited for the weekend!? Y’all know I am 😉

We don’t have a ton going on this weekend except I’m running a race tomorrow morning. I’m excited and nervous. I haven’t ran a race in about 3 1/2 years. Pre-baby #2, my body was faster and younger but I’m excited to finally run a race again. For those of you who didn’t know, I used to run a lot pre-kids. I started my running journey in 2010 and ran a 5k/10k nearly every month. I loved every minute of it. Then we had babies and I just haven’t really got back into racing. This summer I set a goal to run a 10k this fall. I’ll be running the Kansas City Marathon 10k Saturday morning. Pray the rain doesn’t start until the afternoon!

I’m hoping we can paint some pumpkins Sunday. And by we I mean the girls.  Liv has been asking when we get to paint her pumpkins so I’m hoping it will be nice enough for us to do it outside.

Were excited for the weekend and I’m super excited its Friday!

Speaking of Friday here’s my Friday Favorites!

Favorite Outfit: How cute is this! I’ve fallen in love with my Converse. I love wearing them with outfits like this. I can look cute and put together and still chase my girls around.  And I love a good sweater like this when it starts getting cooler out.



Favorite Recipe: Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken I’m adding this to our meal plan next week and I’m pretty excited. We love Chinese food and I really love making it so I’m pretty excited I saw this recipe floating around Pinerest this week!


Favorite Handbag: Micheal Kors Leather Crossbody I don’t typically spend a ton of money on handbags but I do love a good Micheal Kors bag. I love when I find a really cute and nice one at TJ Maxx. But I’ve been eyeing this one for a while now. I’m hoping to save my pennies and buy it one day. But until then I’ll just keep it on my favorite Friday finds.


Favorite New Bootie: Backoned Bootie My mom and I went shopping yesterday. We went into a shoe store just to find her some new shoes and I ended buying a new pair of booties. And guys they are Dr.Scholl’s! Who knew they made shoes. I mean how cute are these! Plus, they are totally comfortable on my feet. Win win!!



I hope y’all have a great weekend! And I hope you enjoyed my Friday favorites.

Pray the rain doesn’t come until Saturday afternoon/evening.

What are you loving this week? Share in the comments below!

10 Favorite Fall Soup Recipes

Good morning friends! Its Friday Eve!! That’s totally a thing right?! Now that the weather is cooling off I’m getting in the mood for soup. I love soup. I also love just about any kind of soup. I used to hate potato soup and ham and beans soup but the older I get the less picky I’ve become. Now, I don’t know a soup I don’t love.

There’s nothing I love more than eating a delicious bowl of homemade soup on a chilly day. I love making a big pot of soup for the week and whatever is left over I’ll freeze it for another day. I did this a lot last year since I eat lunch at home and it worked out perfectly. While I have a ton of new soup recipes I can’t wait to try this year, here are some oldie but delicious recipes I’ve tried over the year!



Simple Homemade Tomato Soup – Pinch of Yum


Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup – Love Grows Wild  


Perfect Potato Soup – Pioneer Woman


Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – Damn Delicous


Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Soup – Creme De La Crumb


The Best Crockpot Minestrone Soup – Family Fresh Meals 


Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini Soup – Cafe Delites


Spicy White Cheddar Beer Cheese Soup – A Flavor Journal 


CrockPot Ham and Bean Soup – Spend with Pennies 


Italian Orzo Soup – Gimme Some Oven


What is your favorite soup?


Fall Mini Style

Finally, its Wednesday and I couldn’t be more excited. We’ve had two sick girls this weekend/week and I’m so ready for the weekend.

Plus, its actually starting to feel like fall this week. Last week it was in the 80s then rained and cooled off and its finally starting to get me in the mood for all things fall (again)! Every time I go to put away shorts and tanks from the girls summer clothes another super hot day comes along. Crazy Missouri weather. But over the weekend I went through the girls closet and dresser and put away clothes that were to small and summer outfits that we won’t be needing anymore this year. I dug out all their fall clothes we’ve bought over the last few months that I hadn’t already washed and put away.

This got some me excited dressing the girls this fall. I absolutely love dressing for fall weather. I love the layering, the plaid, booties and skinny jeans! Plus, having two girls to dress is always a ton of fun. Well, when they let me pick out their outfits 😛

Here some of my favorite things for the girls.

Untitled presentation (1)

tutu skirt//dress//chambray shirt//navy jacket/bow//boots


Weekend Fun

Wow, what a jam packed weekend! We had such a fun and great weekend.


Our weekend started Friday with the hubs and Miss O being out of school (yay 3 day weekend!). We decided it would be a great day to hit up the pumpkin patch. We went to Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch in Kearney MO. We weren’t really sure just how cool this place would be but my goodness the girls LOVED this pumpkin patch. It was a pretty hot day but it was a great day to spend outside.

Fun Farm had so many great things for the kids to do. Never felt crowded even with school buses there. The girls favorite part was the jumping area and the corn pit. They slept so good Friday night! 🙂

Saturday we had Miss O’s last soccer game for the fall season. She had a blast. Soccer is her first sport she’s played. She seemed to enjoy it but then again she spent most of the time waving at the people that came to her games then actually playing, haha. But she is pretty excited for the Spring season to start.


Sunday, the hubs and I headed to a Chiefs game. Although the Chiefs ended up losing we still had a blast. I don’t really care for football but I do love going to a Chiefs game. Especially, when they play the Texans 🙂 (In case you didn’t know HUGE JJ Watt Fan!)

It was a great weekend but I’m looking forward to staying home today. I’m not looking forward to catching up on laundry. Hope y’all have a great Monday!


Did you have a exciting weekend?