Weekend Fun

Wow, what a jam packed weekend! We had such a fun and great weekend.


Our weekend started Friday with the hubs and Miss O being out of school (yay 3 day weekend!). We decided it would be a great day to hit up the pumpkin patch. We went to Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch in Kearney MO. We weren’t really sure just how cool this place would be but my goodness the girls LOVED this pumpkin patch. It was a pretty hot day but it was a great day to spend outside.

Fun Farm had so many great things for the kids to do. Never felt crowded even with school buses there. The girls favorite part was the jumping area and the corn pit. They slept so good Friday night! 🙂

Saturday we had Miss O’s last soccer game for the fall season. She had a blast. Soccer is her first sport she’s played. She seemed to enjoy it but then again she spent most of the time waving at the people that came to her games then actually playing, haha. But she is pretty excited for the Spring season to start.


Sunday, the hubs and I headed to a Chiefs game. Although the Chiefs ended up losing we still had a blast. I don’t really care for football but I do love going to a Chiefs game. Especially, when they play the Texans 🙂 (In case you didn’t know HUGE JJ Watt Fan!)

It was a great weekend but I’m looking forward to staying home today. I’m not looking forward to catching up on laundry. Hope y’all have a great Monday!


Did you have a exciting weekend?

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