Fall Mini Style

Finally, its Wednesday and I couldn’t be more excited. We’ve had two sick girls this weekend/week and I’m so ready for the weekend.

Plus, its actually starting to feel like fall this week. Last week it was in the 80s then rained and cooled off and its finally starting to get me in the mood for all things fall (again)! Every time I go to put away shorts and tanks from the girls summer clothes another super hot day comes along. Crazy Missouri weather. But over the weekend I went through the girls closet and dresser and put away clothes that were to small and summer outfits that we won’t be needing anymore this year. I dug out all their fall clothes we’ve bought over the last few months that I hadn’t already washed and put away.

This got some me excited dressing the girls this fall. I absolutely love dressing for fall weather. I love the layering, the plaid, booties and skinny jeans! Plus, having two girls to dress is always a ton of fun. Well, when they let me pick out their outfits 😛

Here some of my favorite things for the girls.

Untitled presentation (1)

tutu skirt//dress//chambray shirt//navy jacket/bow//boots


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