Friday Favorites #3

Its Friday!!! Who is excited for the weekend!? Y’all know I am 😉

We don’t have a ton going on this weekend except I’m running a race tomorrow morning. I’m excited and nervous. I haven’t ran a race in about 3 1/2 years. Pre-baby #2, my body was faster and younger but I’m excited to finally run a race again. For those of you who didn’t know, I used to run a lot pre-kids. I started my running journey in 2010 and ran a 5k/10k nearly every month. I loved every minute of it. Then we had babies and I just haven’t really got back into racing. This summer I set a goal to run a 10k this fall. I’ll be running the Kansas City Marathon 10k Saturday morning. Pray the rain doesn’t start until the afternoon!

I’m hoping we can paint some pumpkins Sunday. And by we I mean the girls.  Liv has been asking when we get to paint her pumpkins so I’m hoping it will be nice enough for us to do it outside.

Were excited for the weekend and I’m super excited its Friday!

Speaking of Friday here’s my Friday Favorites!

Favorite Outfit: How cute is this! I’ve fallen in love with my Converse. I love wearing them with outfits like this. I can look cute and put together and still chase my girls around.  And I love a good sweater like this when it starts getting cooler out.



Favorite Recipe: Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken I’m adding this to our meal plan next week and I’m pretty excited. We love Chinese food and I really love making it so I’m pretty excited I saw this recipe floating around Pinerest this week!


Favorite Handbag: Micheal Kors Leather Crossbody I don’t typically spend a ton of money on handbags but I do love a good Micheal Kors bag. I love when I find a really cute and nice one at TJ Maxx. But I’ve been eyeing this one for a while now. I’m hoping to save my pennies and buy it one day. But until then I’ll just keep it on my favorite Friday finds.


Favorite New Bootie: Backoned Bootie My mom and I went shopping yesterday. We went into a shoe store just to find her some new shoes and I ended buying a new pair of booties. And guys they are Dr.Scholl’s! Who knew they made shoes. I mean how cute are these! Plus, they are totally comfortable on my feet. Win win!!



I hope y’all have a great weekend! And I hope you enjoyed my Friday favorites.

Pray the rain doesn’t come until Saturday afternoon/evening.

What are you loving this week? Share in the comments below!

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