Christmas Card Worthy

Oh my goodness friends! Its been a hot minute since I’ve blogged! Let’s catch up a little! I got really sick about a week and half ago. Like so sick I made the hubs take off work because I couldn’t function let alone take care of my girls. I had a really bad sore throat (strep, ugh!) plus a cold. I couldn’t eat and could barely breath out my nose. Y’all it was just awful.


We had family pictures scheduled the weekend I got sick and I refused to reschedule them. Chris tried to talk me into in a million times and looking back maybe I should have because that morning I felt like death but GUYS our pictures turned out so good!

We haven’t had family pictures in two years so I was pretty excited for them. One of my darling friends Corey from Corey Brown Photography in KC Missouri took them. She’s amazing guys! Go check her out if your looking for a photographer in the KC area.



I feel like you can’t even tell I was sick in these photos which I’m so excited about! I can not wait to print these and hang them all over our house. Now I just need to decide which one I love the most. Isn’t that always the hardest part! 😉

I hope you guys are having an amazing week! I’ll catch ya tomorrow with another fun fall outfit!


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