Thanksgiving Outfit

Hey y’all! I can’t believe its already Thursday. This week went by way to fast. And I can not believe next week is Thanksgiving! Do you guys have big plans for turkey day? We usually hit up my in-laws for lunch and my parents for dinner. I think that’s still the plan this year, even though my mom doesn’t have a kitchen right now to cook in. She completely gutted her kitchen and it redoing it. They think it’ll be done by Wednesday. If not I guess we’ll be ordering Chinese.



I love finding a new cute and easy outfits for the holiday. I typically wear a sweater with skinny jeans. Nothing fancy since we’re just headed to our parents. I definitely know not to wear something that’s to hot since I usually try and help in the kitchen.

This outfit is so comfy and lightweight. This sweater is just perfect for the day. Plus I love adding this vest to it. This vest is my absolutely favorite. I pair it with almost every outfit this time of year. I mean who doesn’t love a army green vest!

IMG_2275[1] (2)


I can’t wait to wear this next week.

Really, I just can’t wait till next week. 5 day weekend! Time with family, good delicious home-cooked meals, my favorite grandma’s cheesy broccoli rice casserole, this outfit, and black Friday shopping!

What are you plans for Thanksgiving? Are you a black Friday shopper?