Kansas City Marathon 10k

Good morning friends! The weekend is already over, bummer. Did you have a busy weekend? Ours wasn’t to busy. Which was kind of nice for change. It seems like we have something planned every single weekend since school started.

Friday night we headed to Kansas City to stay with my aunt since I was running the 10k portion of the Kansas City Marathon. We didn’t want to have to wake the girls up at 4am to drop them off somewhere and still make it downtown by 6am. It was so nice to stay at my aunts. She lives about 20 minutes from downtown.


Saturday I was up bright at early to get ready for race day. I haven’t done a race in almost a year but I was looking forward to it. I was pretty nervous. But I did the best I could.

The course was pretty good. A few hills here and there. Overall, not to hilly. Running downtown Kansas City is always my favorite. I love it. Its so fun to just run and find new and interesting buildings and businesses I probably would of never known were there.


It was a VERY windy day. I didn’t think it would effect my running that much but boy was I wrong. My hat flew off a couple times. Lucky for me I was able to catch it.

Miles 1-3 were the hardest but I feel like the beginning is always the hardest. There were hills and so much wind in my face. Miles 4-6 were the easiest. I had found my rhythm. I was running steady, there wasn’t to many hills. I was focused and could feel the end approaching.


The last half mile was amazing. There are so many people standing on the side of the roads cheering you on. It was GREAT! This was my favorite part. Also, the last .2 was all down hill so that was a bonus.


I did the 5k portion of this race 4 years ago and I remember why I wanted to sign up again this year. It is such a great race. Its so organized, the course is pretty great, tons of drink stops. Great food and drinks after the race. My goal is to sign up for the half marathon next year.

This will probably be my one and only race this year. I don’t really like running when its super cold out. But I look forward to adding a few more races to my calendar in 2018!