Thanksgiving Outfit

Hey y’all! I can’t believe its already Thursday. This week went by way to fast. And I can not believe next week is Thanksgiving! Do you guys have big plans for turkey day? We usually hit up my in-laws for lunch and my parents for dinner. I think that’s still the plan this year, even though my mom doesn’t have a kitchen right now to cook in. She completely gutted her kitchen and it redoing it. They think it’ll be done by Wednesday. If not I guess we’ll be ordering Chinese.



I love finding a new cute and easy outfits for the holiday. I typically wear a sweater with skinny jeans. Nothing fancy since we’re just headed to our parents. I definitely know not to wear something that’s to hot since I usually try and help in the kitchen.

This outfit is so comfy and lightweight. This sweater is just perfect for the day. Plus I love adding this vest to it. This vest is my absolutely favorite. I pair it with almost every outfit this time of year. I mean who doesn’t love a army green vest!

IMG_2275[1] (2)


I can’t wait to wear this next week.

Really, I just can’t wait till next week. 5 day weekend! Time with family, good delicious home-cooked meals, my favorite grandma’s cheesy broccoli rice casserole, this outfit, and black Friday shopping!

What are you plans for Thanksgiving? Are you a black Friday shopper?


Perfect Fall Sweater

There’s only a few items that I absolutely love to wear over and over again. Its hard for me to really fall in love with something that isn’t a tee and jeans or leggins. Let’s face it, working for my parents part time and being a stay at home mom, my style isn’t fancy. It’s easy, functional and easy to throw together.


enhance (2)

But this outfit is one of my favorites. I love dressing up for date nights (when we get the chance to have one) and this is one I love wearing. This sweater is amazing. It goes with just about everything plus I can wear it dressed up or dressed down. Its soft, warm and the perfect neutral color. Paired with these fun booties and this outfit came together so easily.


You will probably see my wearing this sweater all fall and winter long and I’m just fine with that! Really, y’all need to find this sweater or find one you love just as much. It’s so affordable too. I mean I love shopping but I really love finding a good deal on a nice item. So, if you see me out and about with this outfit or sweater on, well then you know I really love it!

Do you have a favorite sweater?



Casual Fall Look

Hello Wednesday! Anyone else excited the week is half over?! I’m mostly excited because we have no school on Friday (hooray for sleeping in) and we are headed to do all the fall things this weekend. Pumpkin patch and apple picking here we come!  I’m pretty excited. I love doing all these fun things with my kiddos. We went to Westons Big Red Barn last year and the girls had a blast. We’re thinking about going there again this year or trying a new place. Either way we are bond to have a great time.

Speaking of doing all the fall things, can we talk about this fun and easy fall outfit I’ve been wearing lately.


My style is very casual and relaxed and although I do love to dress up from time to time you’ll see me in jeans and a tee most of the time. I’ve always been a jeans and tee kind of girl. And throw in a flannel shirt and I’m hooked.


Flannel was pretty much every where when the hubs and I went shopping not to long ago. I ended up buying this flannel from target, then I remembered I had a blue one just like it in my closet I got last year. Don’t worry they will both get plenty of wear this fall and winter.


This is my first time ever blogging my outfit and style. It was fun once I got my camera all set up. Hope you enjoy this look and I can’t wait to show you more of my style.

Now tell me, what’s your style?

Jeans//flannel similar to mine//custom tee//shoes