Weekend Recap

This might just be the Monday-ist Monday ever. We had a nice long 5 day break over Thanksgiving break which may or may not have caused problems when it was time to wake up with an alarm this morning.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, how was yours? Ours was great and not super busy. We had lunch at my in-laws then dinner at my parents. It was pretty relaxing.


(the best picture we got Thanksgiving Day)

Did you go Black Friday shopping? My mom, grandma and I went Friday afternoon. Got a few good deals. I think we spend most of our money at Kirkland’s. Haha. That store just sucks me in every time. And every time I want to buy allllll the things.


Saturday we put up the Christmas tree and got everything ready for Santa. Our girls are pretty excited for Santa this year. The hubs and I went out for dinner Saturday evening also. We went to Chinese, alone, no kids, got to eat our dinner still hot. Ha Sometimes eating out with kids isn’t great.


Sunday we did a whole lot of nothing. Decorated the hubs classroom for Christmas then we just hung out at home and I made a delicious noddle casserole with leftover turkey from my moms Thanksgiving.

We had a great 5 days off but I’m more than ready to get back into a routine again. Today I’ll be working on laundry. Also, I’m going to be finalizing the girls Christmas list. And finalize what I’m getting the hubs.

Do you have all your gifts purchased?

I hope y’all have a great Monday and I hope it isn’t to Monday-ish for ya!